MIDI Solutions Product Operating Instructions

The Operating Instructions provide technical information on the operation of the MIDI Solutions products, including complete details on the system exclusive messages needed to program the units.


MultiVoltage Merger

MultiVoltage Quadra Merge

MultiVoltage Thru

MultiVoltage Quadra Thru

Footswitch Controller

Dual Footswitch Controller


Event Processor

Event Processor Plus

Pedal Controller

Breath Controller


Velocity Converter


Professional Series

MultiVoltage M8 8-input MIDI Merger

MultiVoltage T8 8-output MIDI Thru Box

F8 8-input MIDI Footswitch Controller

R8 8-output MIDI-controlled Relay Array


Special Function Products

Programmable Input Selector

Programmable Output Selector

MIDI Delay

Beat Converter

Beat Indicator


Discontinued Products

Original Merger

Original Quadra Merge

Original Thru

Original Quadra Thru

Original M8 8-input MIDI Merger

Original T8 8-output MIDI Thru Box



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