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MIDI Solutions Inc. is a leading manufacturer of MIDI processing products. Our company is dedicated to creating innovative and affordable MIDI products for a wide range of MIDI applications. MIDI Solutions has experienced steady growth since it was founded in 1992. We have provided solutions to countless musicians, engineers, and industry professionals throughout the world.

MIDI Solutions manufactures a line of compact MIDI processing products, and also a line of rackmount products that contain multiple versions of these compact products. MIDI Solutions products are highly flexible, yet extremely affordable. How is this accomplished? We keep costs down by eliminating unnecessary switches and displays, and squeezing the processing power into compact units, resulting in solid, reliable products that contain exactly the functions you need. Besides this, all MIDI Solutions products are MIDI-powered (yes, even our rackmount products!) so no batteries or wall adapters are needed for use with most devices.

At MIDI Solutions we take pride in producing products that contain not only the features you need, but are solid and reliable out in the field. Our products are manufactured to strict standards, and each product is rigorously tested before it is shipped. If you should find a problem with a product, or need some technical advice, you'll find us not only to be knowledgeable and helpful but also prompt in responding. And if you think a slight modification to one of our products is necessary in order accomplish a MIDI processing task that you require, we're not unapproachable. In fact we consider our Custom Products to be an important part of our work.

We look forward to continuing our development of innovative MIDI solutions in the future, producing the products necessary for our customers to meet a wide range of MIDI processing requirements.

Contact Information

MIDI Solutions Inc.
PO Box 3010
Vancouver, BC Canada
V6B 3X5

Tel: 604 794 3013

Email: info@midisolutions.com


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