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MIDI Solutions Processors and Professional Series products are designed to provide solutions to almost any MIDI-processing task imaginable. However occasionally MIDI processing requirements arise that could never have been predicted, and often the solution can be accomplished by modifying the firmware in one of our existing products. 

Please note that we do not take on projects that require the design of new hardware. However if you are in need of a MIDI processing function that can be incorporated into one of our existing products by a making a modification to the microcontroller's firmware, we likely can provide the solution. The minimum fee for custom modifications is $250 (USD), however if the modifications are not unreasonably complex we can usually offer it for this amount. The fee for subsequent orders of the same device is $50. For example, if the custom modifications were made to the Event Processor, the price of the first unit would be $250 for the custom modifications + $159 for the Event Processor = $409, and the cost of subsequent units would be $50 + $159 = $209. Pricing is based on the type of modifications required so please contact us for a quote. Larger volume custom work is quoted on a per job basis.

All custom products are designed by John Fast, for more information see John Fast, MIDI Product Design.

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